Project Competition is an initiative of Management Department of the Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University designed in the framework of the International Congress on Entrepreneurship in 2006. The main purpose of this competition is to promote creative entrepreneurship among students and to encourage original business projects performed by youngsters.

In 2015-2016, the competition will also be open to students studying in Kyrgyzstan and you have a chance to take part in competition “Young Entrepreneur” in the framework of the 7th International Congress on Entrepreneurship.


Participation terms

Team registration: students must register a list of team members; team leader and his/her contact information and submit their project title via e-mail (registration form). After submission no new team members can be added to a team and the title cannot be changed.

Teams and Team Building: a team might consist of 2 student, or as many student as desired. Teams typically 2 – 5 students and only undergraduate students can participate. The team must include a member, who must be a student of the Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University.

Project proposal: Projects should be written in Turkish or English and should contain following items:

·  Group members and group leader information

·  Project’s title and objective

·  Business plan (marketing, financial and technical etc.)

·  Socially oriented business projects will be welcome


Important Dates

Announcement of competition : 01/12/2015
Team registration : 31/01/2016
Business plan trainings : 01/02/2016 – 14/02/2016
Project submission
: 01/04/2016
Announcement of the results
: 02/05/2016
The award ceremony : 12/05/2016


Project Evaluation Criteria

Following criteria will be considered in evaluation of the submitted projects. You should take into account the following criteria in your preparation:

1.    Quality and originality of the idea - (30%)

-   Originality- 10%

-   Eligibility - 10%

-   Economic contribution - 10%

2.    Market and Competition - (25%)

-   Market analysis of suggested product or service

-   Competition analysis and possible methods of competition

-   A realistic marketing plan

3.    Finance – (25%)

-   Profit and cost projections for the next 3 years

-   Total financial needs

-   Options of funding sources

4.    Team - (20%)

-   Identification of responsibilities

-   Qualifications of team members

-   Project management



1.    Prize: 1000$

2.    Prize: 500$

3.    Prize: 250$


Further Information

Dr. Azamat Maksudunov

Phone: 0 550 23 05 82

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Chyngyz Aytmatov Campus, 720038, Djal, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN


- Result declaration

- IСE2016 Congress Program has been announced

- Faultlessly filled registration forms should be sent to icemanas2016@gmail.com until May 1th, 2016

- Abstract submission deadline has been extended to January 25, 2016.

- ICE’16 will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from May 12 to 14, 2016



Abstract Submission Deadline
 01.02.2016 Final Date of Notification
 01.04.2016 Full Paper Submission Deadline
 01.05.2016 Registration Deadline
 12-14.05.2016 Congress Dates 

Address: Chyngyz Aytmatov Campus,
              720038, Djal, Bishkek,

Telephone: +996 (312) 49 27 63

e-mail:   icemanas2016@gmail.com
web:      ice2016.manas.edu.kg


Project Competition Sponsor


JIA Business Assosation

Capital Stroy Invest


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